Basil Seeds

Other names: Tukmaria / tukhm-e-rehan / sabja seeds / tukarmiya
Botanical name: Ocimum bascilicum

basil seeds
Product type Seeds
Style Dried seeds
Shape Oval / granule
Origin Pakistan
Shelf life 2 years
Color Black
Parts used Seeds
Moisture 3-5 %
Processing type Raw
Keyword Tukmariya
MOQ 19 tons
Purity 98%
Packaging PP bags

Used primarily in dishes and making juices throughout Europe, Africa, East Asia and Middle East, Basil is not only rich in flavor but it is also a great source of nutrition. It has also been used as an ingredient in herbal medicine throughout history mostly by Chinese and Indians in managing weight, used in curing and preventing certain cancers.

Basil seeds are native to tropical regions of South Asia and Africa. The shape is oval similar to black seeds or china seeds. Basil seeds are rich in fiber which in preventing constipation and also help digestion. It can prolong the feeling of fluffiness after taken in diet. It also reduced the risk of cardiovascular cancer and colorectal cancer. Basil seeds contain no calories.

These are very had seeds and cannot be consumed as raw. It must be used after soaking them in water which makes it gelatinous. It comes from sweet basil also known as Ocimum bascilicum which is used as a seasoning.

Different Benefits of Basil Seeds

Helps in weight management:

Basil seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acids which has good weight loss properties. As it is full of fiber, it can prolong your feeling of fulfillness and reduce food cravings.

Controls sugar level in body:

Slows down process of metabolism in our body and manage carb’s conversion into glucose. It is also good for patients who are diabetic.

Helps in constipation:

Basil seeds help in removing toxic materials from our body. Its oil helps in reducing gas from gastrointestinal tract and act as a stomach cleanser.

Reduction of acidity level and heartburn:

Reduced HCL level in body also helps in reducing acidity level and heartburn, basil seeds when used in water also heals our stomach lining.

Good for hairs and skin:

When added with coconut oil and applied to skin which is affected can do wonders and cure skin ailments. When eaten regularly your body will secrete collagen which helps to form new skin cells.

The presence of iron, vitamin k and proteins in basil seeds nourishes your hair growth and make it strong. Antioxidants presence is also beneficial for hair and skin

Helps in other diseases such and cough and cold:

Antispasmodic properties in basil seeds also helps in relaxing your spasmodic muscles which can reduce cough and also build a healthy immune system.


Basil seeds adds value to your life be it your weight, immune system, skin, hairs or digestive system. Its regular use is very essential for your healthy life, although it has numerous benefits but we should always consult a doctor before adding anything in our diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are packaging details?

Port of discharge is Karachi Port

19 tons in 20 fcl and 28 tons in 40 fcl

10-15 days are required for order preparation

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