Pine Nuts Kernels



Purity 99.5%
Grade 6000 pieces/ KG
Broken KernelS 1-2 %
Packaging 10 KG Master Carton
Origin:  Pakistan

Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) is a unique pine tree found in the regions of Gilgit Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, Balochistan and the specific area of Himalayas Forest. This range of pines is identical to the other types of the pines. The Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) are a rich source of carbohydrates and protein that provide the fruit with a healthy body diet. The tree’s round trunk is 3 to 4 meters tall. The Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) leaves have a distinct shape with three seeds, making it distinctive from others. The Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) can be consumed in the salads, either crudely or dried or fried in oil.

Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) outer shell is very hard. It is covered with a hard shell, before eating first you need to remove the outer hard shell and consume it. To get more extended shelf life to remember to store the Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) with its Hard Shell.

Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) is in very small shape and very delicious. Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) is full of Nutrients such as monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) are full of vital vitamins like Vitamin B1, B2, and C. They are also full of minerals, potassium’s, magnesium, and phosphorous. A bulk amount of iron zinc, calcium, and manganese are found in Chillghozah (Pine Nuts)

The host of healthy plant compounds in Pine Nuts plays an important role to decrease the cholesterol level and also helps to remove free radicals, and improve the lowering risk of heart diseases, and also helps to decrease weight loss.


Nutritional Benefits of Chillghozah (Pine Nuts)

1. Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) are Vital Source of Essential Fatty Acids:

Chilgoza Pine Nuts contain almost 90% safe unsaturated fatty acids, 51% linoleic acid, and 37% oleic acid. Chillghozah (Pine Nuts)are known to be a significant source of fat. This balanced fat composition in Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) plays an important role in cardiac safety, prevents the onset of heart disease, and encourages a healthy heart.

Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) produces stearic, arachidic, and Benzoic acid and also help to reduce the cholesterol content and helps to improve the lipid profile. The long-chain fatty acids in Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) cause the release of a hormone called CCK-8, a saccharide hormone that induces a sensation of fullness and curbs appetite. Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) are also a perfect snack for those watchers who are looking to lose weight.


2.  Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) Power-Packed with Protein:

Chilgoza Pine Nuts are an incredible source of plant protein and the perfect choice for the diet schedule of vegetarians. A well-balanced proportion of the essential amino acids in Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) make it an abundant protein source. In all cereals, lysine is minimal and an essential amino acid found in Chillghozah (Pine Nuts), so Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) added to all cereal-based flour are helpful in enriching the nutritional content of cereals. Furthermore, the protein isolates found in Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) tend to reduce blood pressure.


3.     Chillghozah (Pine Nuts)are Powerhouse of Antioxidants:

A myriad of essential antioxidants, including gallocatechin, catechin, lutein, lycopene, carotenoids, and tocopherols, are found in Chillghozah (Pine Nuts). The potent antioxidant properties of Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) help to scavenge free radical cell damage and combat oxidative stress. Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) also help minimize inflammation, which causes immunity and delays the onset of chronic diseases.


4.    Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) are Main Source Of Energy:

In comparison to almonds, cashews, pistachios, and peanuts, Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) is a perfect source of nutrition, offering an immediate source of energy that keeps you happy and curbs the pangs of hunger. For patients who prefer energy-dense meals and for undernourished children who wish to gain healthier weight, these nuts may be a perfect add-on.

5.     Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) oil:

Chillghozah (Pine Nuts) oil is widely used in herbal medicine and has a mild, sweet-flavored scent. The strong antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and expectorant properties are helpful in treating various diseases. Additionally, it is also used as carrier oil in aromatherapy and beauty products.


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